Alleviating Pain & Restoring Function

While general chiropractic care is remarkable at treating soreness, stiffness, and joint pain, a more specific and nuanced approach is required when helping a patient recover from an accident or injury. With highly-targeted treatment, muscle-building exercises, and mastery of a proven rehabilitation system, Peak Chiropractic is fit to assist any patient in need.

The Pettibon System

The Pettibon System, employed by Peak Chiro, was developed to address the totality of the spine’s soft and hard tissues and positively impact the entire body’s function. Through techniques and devices, The Pettibon System is foundational to the rehab approach at Peak.

What Peak Patients Have To Say:

“My wife will be the first you tell you, I’m a completely different person since my treatment at Peak. I can’t tell you what Dr. Marse & his team mean to me. They gave me a new lease on life.”

— Ruben V.

“Dr. Marse really impressed me by how in-depth my consultation was. He really put together a great treatment plan for my pain. And I loved working with him and Logan on my recovery. My body has changed significantly during my treatment. I am very happy.”

— Debra P.

“For more than 5 years, I’ve found the most incredible help and relief from back, hip, neck, and sinus pain with treatment at Peak Chiropractic! Dr Andre Marse is a miracle worker. I wasn’t necessarily skeptical at first, but I didn’t understand how well this kind of treatment can cure problems I’d had for ages. It was a relevation — I can’t overstate that! The whole experience at this clinic is so positive, so upbeat, so therapeutic. I love going first thing in the morning to get my day going right.”

— June N.

“Dr. Marse has done an amazing job not only treating my lower back but also explaining to me how to avoid future pain, and how to best manage discomfort in-between visits. Both Logan and Becca were knowledgeable and professional in explaining my treatment options, as well as cheerfully greeting me each visit. Thankful to have found Peak Chiropractic and always looking forward to my next adjustment!”

— Paige T.

“Dr. Marse and the team at Peak have helped me gain back mobility and removed pain far beyond my expectations. Every visit has been convenient, and the staff all friendly and knowledgeable. I would truly recommend Peak to anyone!”

— Michael R.

“Dr. Marse and the team have done wonders for myself and my daughter. I used to have regular migraines and all sorts of back and hip pain. That is all gone now. We are both so happy about how we feel.”

— Gwennie C.

“I was referred to Peak by a friend for ongoing low back pain. I saw remarkable improvement in just a few visits. So glad I found Dr. Marse! Now I’m back to doing my favorite things like hiking, biking watersports, and gym.”

— Lesley P.

Corrective Spinal Exercises

A key aspect to a successful rehab is building muscle as well as providing relief. That muscle is built through low-impact repetitive exercises that target the soft and hard tissues of the spine negatively impacted by injury.

Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Treatment

Other than spinal/back treatment, shoulder and rotator cuff issues bring the most rehab patients through our doors. Through targeted exercises and equipment-assisted treatments, we address shoulder and rotator cuff ailments of all kinds.

Non-Physical Therapy

In addition to exercise and movement-oriented treatment, we also employ non-physical methods of rehab therapy. These are highly impactful and mean virtually anyone can be treated with chiropractic care, even if the exercises mentioned above are not possible.