I have been going to Dr. Marse for about 6 weeks now. I had extreme shoulder pain for about 7 years and had lost all range of motion from lack of use. I also had issues with my back and neck. Anytime I moved during my sleep, I would wake up because of the pain in my neck and shoulder. With the treatments and therapy I have been getting, I am now able to do many things with my arm I could not do for years! I have been sleeping all through the night and actually sleeping longer. Dr. Marse has excellent chair side manners and such a kind and caring personality. I drive a distance to see him and highly recommend him to anyone wishing to get relief from pain without using medication. His assistant Tammie is very professional and personable too!

Esther DeHoyos

This is an amazing chiropractic office! I came in with horrible neck and lower back pain, limited range of motion, and not understanding why I was always in pain. Dr. Marse listened to me and what I was feeling, where I want to be, and took into account my lifestyle. Now I'm a month and half into my treatment plan and I'm seeing progress. I haven't had neck pain like it was in weeks, my back isn't as tender, and I've become more aware of my body. I'm really looking forward to more progress. The staff is friendly and flexible with appointment times. The office is super clean and everyone is just amazing! If you are experiencing pain, stiffness, or just not where you want to be, call them!!

Jetta Allen

Love Dr Marse and Becca and the rest of the staff! I let several injuries pile up, thinking I had no other choice. But he listened to my concerns, showed me what we could do, and I feel like a new person! I’ve even started running again, thank you!!

Kaci Cross

My wife will be the first you tell you, I’m a completely different person since my treatment at Peak. I can’t tell you what Dr. Marse & his team mean to me. They gave me a new lease on life.


I went through several mattresses and nothing changed. I tried specific lower back workouts and they only caused more problems. I finally came to Peak and since going through their treatment plan, I'm no longer having back pains or problems sleeping!

Joey Swindle

It’s not magic or miracle work. It took time, there were a lot of tears, but in the end, it worked. I tell everyone, Peak gave me my baby back.

Jannina Austin

Dr. Marse is fantastic and in a short time he has made a big difference. His focus is not solely on the adjustments but the soft tissue as well. For the last 10 minutes of my appointment Tammy, Dr. Marse's Awesome assistant, hooks me up to the muscle stem machine and I get to take 10 minutes relaxing in the middle of my day... Good for both mind and body.

Sarah Schalte

Back in March of 2012, I was in excruciating pain and feeling needles throughout my back. Dr. Marse started treating me, and in just 2 sessions, the pain was almost gone! I have been his patient ever since because not only did he know exactly what was going wrong, but he always listened to what my concerns were and he really cared. Dr. Marse is extremely competent, very professional and with a lot of knowledge. He helped me be able to start working out again, be able to dance and enjoy life again. I highly recommend him! He's an amazing chiropractor!!


Dr. Marse is a complete professional. His approach to healing and correction has helped me recover from injury and back pain quickly with almost immediate results. The thing I really appreciate about his philosophy is that he attacks problems on the skeletal and muscular levels so you aren't just getting adjusted, you get muscle correction and therapy at the same time. Thank you very much Dr. Marse for your care.


After years of suffering with plantar fasciitis and being told that surgery was my only option, I had given up all hope of being active and had come to the realization that I would suffer with my feet for the rest of my life. At the recommendation of a close friend I decided to try one more thing before having surgery. Dr. Marse was highly recommended by a friend that had a similar problem. He took the time to explain what was causing my foot pain and came up with a specific plan to correct it. After countless painful injections and useless prescription medications that did nothing to correct my problem, I decided I had nothing to lose. Ai am proud to say after 3 months my plantar fasciitis was gone and he has continued to keep it from reoccurring for the past 3 years. Dr. Marse really opened my eyes to the fact that medication and surgery is not always the answer. Since then Dr. Marse has helped me with my back pain due to pregnancy, as well as helping my husband with his sciatica. Dr. Marse has truly changed my life and now I trust him with my entire family.


Dr. Marse and Becca are the greatest . I came in with a neck injury for my auto accident and found out I was in very bad shape all the way down my back and that was at the end of February. Now I'm able to move without pain and able to sleep without my hip and neck keeping me awake. Now I'm on maintenance and I'm looking forward to continuing my relationship with them. They truly care about each and every patient.

Torey M. Dill

Very friendly and knowledgeable doctor and staff. My husband and I have previously gone to different chiropractors and was given the adjustment and sent on our way. Here, we both were told what was going to happen, actually explained what is going on with both of our spinal situations, and treatments to solve the problems. I found a great Groupon to try Peak Chiropractic out and am very happy I decided to give them a try.

Maria Schwartz


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