Patient Story: Joey Swindle

August 09, 2018

The two biggest barriers to entry for most patients considering chiropractic treatment are skepticism and cost. In our previous patient story, we discussed Ruben Vargas and his initial belief that chiropractic care wouldn’t work for him, only to be proven wrong. In this patient story, we’ll be talking about Joey Swindle, who thought that chiropractic care was a viable option but had put it off, assuming that he could not afford it.

Joey is a married father of two, in his late thirties, and is a local business owner. Despite having chronic lower back pain since he was in high school, he had put off chiropractic care due to an assumption about how much it would cost. He described years of sleeping trouble and daily back pain that was exacerbated by working out, which got in the way of Joey’s fitness goals. An avid do-it-yourselfer, Joey tried to remedy this problem on his own without having to pay a specialist of any kind.

I went through several mattresses and nothing changed. I tried specific lower back workouts and they only caused more problems.
— Joey Swindle

Frustrated at his lack of success on his own, Joey opened himself up to the possibility of seeking professional help. Unsurprisingly, when he walked through Peak Chripractic's doors, he took advantage of our New Patient Special. In that initial consultation, he met with Dr. Marse and received his first chiropractic adjustment. Joey described feeling some relief for the first time in a long time and was excited about how care could help him but was still concerned about cost.

Dr. Marse and Joey then put together his 3-month treatment plan, which involved three visits per week. Joey also worked with the Peak team to work out a payment plan that made financial sense and put him at ease. It was revealed through his consultation that Joey was suffering from subluxation in his vertebrae partially as a result of having a slightly curved spine. Having identified to the problem to solve, Dr. Marse created a set of goals for Joey to meet throughout treatment, and with a competitive spirit, they went to work.


Joey went to Peak religiously, receiving adjustments, utilizing the muscle stem and decompression machines, and doing his excercises. The overarching goal was to stretch out the spine, let tissue adjust, and let the spine settle back into the proper alignment. He was also given homework in the form of at-home exercises that built up his core strength to provide his spine the support it needed.

By the end of the 3-month plan, Joey had met every single goal Dr. Marse set forth and beat many of them handily. More importantly, he felt almost complete relief from his chronic back pain after suffering for nearly twenty years.

Peak proved to be a very sound investment. But you can’t just invest financially. You have to invest your time, your body, and your focus. Dr. Marse and his team make it as easy as possible, but you have to be a willing participant to see results.
— Joey Swindle

We couldn't agree more with the sentiment Joey expressed above. Just like a gym membership, you won't see results just by covering the cost. You have to show up motivated and ready to work towards recovery. But if you put in the work, both inside and outside of the office, you will most certainly see results and surpass the goals we set for you.

Throughout the 3-month plan, Joey told us repeatedly that treatment was much more affordable than he expected, especially for someone whose insurance didn't cover Peak's services. We are passionate about working with patients to create plans that make sense both medically and financially. If the pain Joey was describing sounds all-too-familiar, consider taking advantage of the exact same New Patient Special that he did. Just fill out the short form below to take the first step on your journey to leading a pain-free life!


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