Patient Story: Janinna Austin

September 04, 2018

Chiropractic care can be the answer to both long-term, chronic pain and pain resulting from an injury. The benefits are far-reaching and can remedy pain that you wouldn’t normally associate with a chiropractor. No patient story captures these points quite as well as Janinna Austin’s.

Janinna first came through the doors of Peak Chiropractic in 2011 after spotting the practice in an ad in a local newspaper. Her teenage daughter had recently sustained a very serious injury during a soccer game in which a blow to the head resulted in Concussion Syndrome. Over the next year, Janinna’s daughter dealt with chronic whiplash, shifts of vertebrae in her neck & back, and unending migraines that never relented. 

By the time Janinna brought her daughter to Peak, her faith in finding relief was pretty low. Her daughter was seeing five specialists simultaneously, had to spend many days in a darkened room to mitigate migraines, and was on heavy pain medication that made Janinna very uncomfortable. Janinna admitted that coming into her first meeting with Dr. Marse, she was pessimistic. But she described being put at ease immediately by Dr. Marse talking about his own sports injuries and how chiropractic care alleviated pain that other methods simply couldn’t. 

After deciding on a fairly intensive plan for Janinna’s daughter, the Peak team got to work. While there were some immediate results, the real gains took place over time. After roughly a year of regular chiropractic treatment, Janinna’s daughter fully recovered. Six years later, she no longer experiences migraines and is an active collegiate athlete. She is still committed to seeing Dr. Marse and the Peak team on a regular basis to maintain her ongoing health.

It’s not magic or miracle work. It took time, there were a lot of tears, but in the end, it worked. I tell everyone, Peak gave me my baby back.
— Janinna Austin

Janinna’s daughter is only half of this patient story though. Like most parents, Janinna prioritized her children over herself and had yet to seek out treatment for her own chronic pain. Janinna had been experiencing severe chronic migraines for over 15 years. They were so severe that she repeatedly required emergency room care and was bedridden for days at a time. Despite seeing firsthand what chiropractic care at Peak could do for her daughter, because her own pain wasn’t the result of an injury she was still skeptical. At the urging of Dr. Marse, who she had talked to about her pain, Janinna finally scheduled a consultation of her own.

She told the Peak team that outside of pessimism due to how long she’d been suffering, she was also nervous about getting her first adjustment. She’d seen first-hand how difficult it was for her daughter following her injury, so she was afraid that the pain would leave her in bed for days. Ultimately, she set this fear aside and got her first adjustment.

Janinna described feeling a small amount of immediate relief and none of the shooting pain she was expecting. Now confident that she could handle a chiropractic care plan, she sat down with Dr. Marse and agreed to come in four times per week for the next few months. Over that time, Janinna grew to know the staff very well and enjoyed the family-like atmosphere that she said stood in stark contrast to most practice offices. She told us that she realized how known she was by the Peak team when she came in and was addressed by name, was asked about a recent vacation with no prompting, and was asked follow-up questions about her family members by name. She made it clear to us than any fear or discomfort was long gone.

Through Janinna did experience relief after the first session, the benefits of chiropractic care for her were long-term. As it stands today, she no longer gets more than one mild migraine a month. Previously, she would experience crippling migraines on a weekly basis. The result that Janinna seemed proudest of was that she no longer has to take any sort of migraine medication. After 15 years of taking serious pain medication, she hasn’t gotten that prescription filled since completing her plan with Peak. To anyone else who is skeptical or pessimistic about chiropractic care, Janinna’s message is:

I was the biggest skeptic ever, even after my daughter. I didn’t have an injury so I didn’t think it would help. But it did, and I am so so happy!
— Janinna Austin

Today, Janinna's entire family receives routine chiropractic care at Peak, including a nephew who has experienced tremendous relief following a car accident. She knows each & every Peak team member by name and spoke to us about how she’s been following the careers of interns she met while they were training here. 

Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain that’s been with you for decades or you’re seeking help following an injury or accident, the specialists at Peak Chiropractic are here to help. We offer a new patient special to all first-time patients to ease any fears you may have about chiropractic care, and encourage you to take advantage of it by filling out the short form below today!


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